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  • Excavation Projects
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P&C Cauchi was founded by Patrick Cauchi back in 1977 of which back then he did not have this branding name. Patrick was a self employed individual who used to earn his living by transporting soft stone using his truck but always with the ambition to progress within the industry of construction and land modification.

As time went by, while Patrick continued his transportation works, he was continually gaining experience in the industry of land modification and other industry major roles. It was by the early year 2000 when Patrick decided that the time was right to invest in excavation and demolition equipment and venture himself into this new and ambitious adventure. 

Yes, you guessed it right! because now P&C Cauchi is one of the leading demolition and excavation works service contractor in the north of Malta, and with over 20 years of experience, he is one of the most reliable in his sector.

With greater demands, the timing was spot on for Patrick's son Chris to join in this successful venture and saw the expansion of various other services which are offered by P&C Cauchi to rock cutting, transport and hire of equipment or machines, construction together with other various services.

The P&C Cauchi branding is derived from the father and son initials followed by their common surname.